i'm your traveling wedding & elopement photographer

Hey, i'm brittney!

what began as a hobby has
developed into a passion.

I have always been into photography (I was the nerdy high schooler that took photos for our yearbook) but accidentally fell into this wedding photography business... A girl I knew from high school saw my travel photos on Facebook and asked if I would consider capturing her wedding… like umm, heck yeah! I quickly became OBSESSED with it. You’re telling me I get to be a small part of the most important day in people’s lives AND I get to hit the dance floor at the end of my “shift”?? Sign me up forever.

[Insert my online dating profile here] just kidding, but kind of not. Like, hello my name is Brittney and I love to travel, watch The Office, and play board games. I am a coffee snob who is obsessed with my cat—although I am definitely a dog person, and I love to hike. In fact, it’s on my bucket list to visit every U.S. National Park before I turn 30 and I have a pretty good start on that. Speaking of my bucket list, that sucker is a mile long and if you hire me for a destination wedding in one of those places, I will forever love you. I am an Enneagram 7 if that means anything to you and most certainly an extrovert—I LOVE making new friends. So you should hire me so I can have a few more friends in my life ;)

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